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Welcome to the Natural Highs Academy!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Dear friends of Natural Highs,

The Natural Highs Academy is officially HERE!!!!!!

I have been in very close contact with the Natural Highs teens and adults and as you can imagine, this current situation is extremely difficult for teens and adults with substance abuse and mental health issues.

We are already hearing that people can't get out of bed from depression and some feel that they are at very high risk for substance abuse. Most regular structures and supports have fallen away and some teens and adults don't feel supported or even safe at home.

We have stepped into high gear to develop a whole array of online Natural Highs programs for teens and adults in order to help everyone stay connected to a sense of community, to a sense of structure, and a sense of being productive; also for preventing teens to get into really negative patterns with substance abuse and unhealthy habits.

We are officially starting the "Natural Highs Academy" where we will send out daily materials to keep teens and adults on track with worksheets, guided exercises and live online ZOOM meetings and "hangouts".

I am aware that different learning styles work for different people so we are working on a whole mix of offerings.

We will offer all these resources for FREE during this time of high need in our community and we hope that the community will support us with donations.

These are the Elements of the Natural Highs Academy that you can look forward to:

- Daily Natural Highs Worksheets and/or Guided Exercises

- Journal Prompts

- Natural Highs Practices to keep a positive Focus throughout the Day

- Natural Highs live Zoom Classes and “Hangouts”

- Natural Highs WhatsApp Community Group with online resource sharing and Texting Support

- Natural Highs Peer Mentor Support

You can sign up as a teen or as an adult:

If you would like to support our Natural Highs Nonprofit during these times of increased need with a donation please connect

This is the time when we decide whether we want to rise up and be the best for ourselves, our family, and our community and not let crisis get us down.

I hope we can support you in being a leader and a light for yourself and for others and let these times connect us and make us more resilient and more loving.

This is my vision for our community and for our world.

Stay strong & inspired ❤️


Avani G. Dilger, MEd, MA, LPC, BC-DMT, CACIII, ADS "Natural Highs - Healthy Alternatives to Drugs & Alcohol" Substance Abuse Prevention/Intervention Nonprofit Organization, Founder and Director Licensed Professional Counselor Certified Addiction Counselor III Member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT)

Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist

Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist

Trauma Release Exercises TRE Certified Provider

(303) 859-5778

Want to be a friend & supporter of Natural Highs?

Want to be part of a vibrant community supporting teen leadership & creativity?

Check out our campaign:

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Ramsey Morgan
Ramsey Morgan
19. März

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Lisa Wootens
Lisa Wootens
05. Okt. 2021

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