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Our vision  is essentially to hold a grand experiment in changing our culture. We want to explore what it would mean to have a positive, supportive community of young people who are committed to living and following their passions, exploring states of consciousness in healthy ways, and experiencing deep human connection in community. We don’t know where it will lead, but we hope that it will show a model of what Natural Highs culture might look like and inspire young people to take these ideas and run with them so that more and more people will start hosting their own sober parties, and eventually, it will ripple out into the greater community and begin to change our culture.

Since 2004, we have created a movement in Boulder, Colorado. People know about Natural Highs. Both teens and adults. Teens sign up and come to our workshops and events because they have heard from friends that "Natural Highs" is cool which is unheard of in the realm of substance abuse prevention/intervention programs. We think it is because teens co-create the Natural Highs program every step of the way. We receive many requests form agencies, municipalities, activists' groups, and universities to teach and share our expertise. We have now trained Peer Mentors who are very strong, outspoken, articulate leaders in speaking up and representing teens voices when adults struggle with issues around teen substance abuse in our community.

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