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Natural Highs -

Empowering teens as leaders around positive peer culture


Natural Highs – Healthy Alternatives to Drugs & Alcohol is an interactive strengths-based Prevention/Intervention Peer Mentor Program that is co-created by teens to empower teens and their communities around healthy lifestyle choices and creating a positive peer culture.

Our MISSION is to empower teens and adults to become inspired leaders around healthy lifestyle choices and to work for positive change and social justice especially around substance abuse & mental health issues in their communities.


Natural Highs provides healthy alternatives to drugs and alcohol through offering workshops, drop-in classes, groups, presentations, sober events, and entrepreneurial and leadership opportunities for teens. The goal of the program is for teens to learn about substance abuse & mental health, discover healthy alternatives, support each other with healthy choices, and take on leadership roles to positively impact teens and adults in their communities.


The larger VISION for this program is to create a positive peer culture around healthy lifestyle choices for teens and adults. We serve over 2000 teens per year in the Boulder, CO area. The intended outcome for these participants is to increase the number of teens who make healthier choices around substance use and mental health. Our goal is to empower teens to step up as leaders in creating a positive peer culture in their communities.

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