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TEEN Membership

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If you are looking for ongoing support and help structuring your day with online materials, like worksheets, exercises, journal prompts, resources, and opportunities for online live meetings during the Corona Pandemic, please sign up here for receiving the Natural Highs "Resiliency Care Packets" by email FREE  during the Corona Pandemic.


Sign up here for the Natural Highs Emails for Resiliency Care Packets & Current Events:

Due to Covid-19 we lost 100% of our funding through the City of Boulder's Youth Opportunities Program that we had been funded through for the last 8 years.

We need your support now to continue providing our successful Natural Highs Program to Teens & Adults.

Please become part of our Natural Highs Community of Supporters.

We started a PATREON Page that allows you to choose the right level of Natural Highs Membership for you and your family.

Choose the right level of Natural Highs Community Membership for yourself and your family:

- for $5 you can Sponsor a Monthly AcuDetox Treatment for a TEEN

- for $10 you can support Natural Highs Programs for Teens

- for $25 you can Sponsor the full Natural Highs Membership for a TEEN

- for $100 you can co-sponsor sober Natural Highs events for TEENS



Every Tuesday, 4.30-6.30pm

NEW LOCATION: 2639 Spruce Street, Boulder

The class includes cutting-edge brain chemistry, herbs that are truly good for you, creative stress management, healthy alternatives, creative arts, non-judgmental dialogue, mental health support, and inspiration to examine your life. Anyone is welcome - whether you want to examine your relationship with substances or whether you are just looking for inspiration, support and a non-judgmental environment –

You are welcome!


More info: Avani Dilger, LPC, CACIII     


Please send the the signed Parent/Guardian Form to

We are looking forward to seeing you Tuesday afternoon!!!!!

WhatsApp Texting Group


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Want to be part of a Community of TEENS who support each other with resources, support, connection? 

During these times we are offering a closed Natural Highs WhatsApp Group for TEENS in order to stay connected, get support, share resources and receive texting support.

In order to get added to the Natural Highs WhatsApp Group, download the WhatsApp App from your App Store first and then text Avani at 303-859-5778 with your name, age and request to get added.

Guided Meditations to Download

Want to get inspiration to calm your anxiety, transform your challenging emotions, and find your inner strengths? If you find it easier to listen to audio and practice a guided exercise than reading a book these guided exercises/meditations might be helpful to you.

Use "coronarelief" Coupon for a FREE Download.

Online Natural Highs Video Courses

If you are not able to attend a Natural Highs Course in person you can participate in a live recorded workshop so you are not missing out on a sense of community. Every Natural Highs course is unique and is co-created by the questions and input of the participants. Online Courses cannot fully substitute the sense of community in person so we highly recommend supplementing an Online Natural Highs Course with participating in online live hangouts or the WhatsApp Natural Highs group.

Natural Highs Favorite TED Talks

Natural Highs Books

  • Cass, Hyla; Holford, Patrick (2002): Natural Highs. Supplements, Nutrition, and Mind-Body Techniques. New York: Penguin Putnam

  • Milkman, Harvey & Sunderwirth, Stanley (2010). Craving for Ecstasy and Natural Highs. Los, Angeles, CA: Sage

  • Mate, Gabor (2010). In the realm of hungry ghosts. Close encounters with addiction. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books.

  • DesMaisons, Kathleen (1998): Potatoes, Not Prozac. A Natural Seven-Step Dietary Plan to control your cravings … NewYork: Simon and Schuster

  • Wong, James (2009). Grow your Own Drugs. Easy recipes for natural remedies and beauty fixes. Pleasantville, NY: Reader’s Digest Association, Inc.

  • Info on Yerba Mate:

  • Mars, Brigitte: Addiction Free Naturally

Cool Local Resources

Rebecca’s Apothecary: 
1227 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO 80302


Movement Mass w Melissa Michaels & Friends
Every Sunday at 10:45am
Also check out Surfing the Creative, watch this video to LEARN MORE:
5 Rhythms Dance
Find the time and location of the dance nearest you by clicking on the following link: (click on ‘find a class’)
Also feel free to watch this videos to learn more: (Surfing the Creative)
(5 Rhythms)

Dushanbe Teahouse:
Pekoe Teahouse
KuCha Teahouse

Sports/Athletics: Running, Dancing, Soccer, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Martial Arts, Boxing, Skiing/ Snow boarding, Lacrosse

Local Recreation centers and gyms near you!
The Avalon Ballroom:
Boulder Indoor Soccer :
Front Range Boxing Academy:
Martial Arts:


Art: Painting, drawing, making music, dancing, singing, poetry, short stories, whatever moves you

FREE Sober Community Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA):

Marijuana Anonymous (MA):
Al-Anon (for friends and family of alcoholics or drug addicts):
Narcotics Anonymous (NA):


Nature: Nearby Trails, Open Space, Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, Ocean, Mountains, Even your own backyard!
Full list of Boulder Trails:
Main Outdoor Locations:
Chautauqua Park
Coot Lake
Boulder Creek
Scott Carpenter Park
Boulder Reservoir
Wonderland Lake

Community Service/ Volunteering: Contact a local food bank, farm, emergency housing agency, organization for people with developmental disabilities, senior living center, or faith center of your choice

EFAA (Emergency Family Assistance Association):
Boulder Shelter for the Homeless:
Harvest for Hope Food Pantry:
Imagine! (for Adults with developmental disabilities):
Sunrise Senior Living or Brookdale: 

Live Music:
Laughing Goat on Pearl St.
St. Julien Hotel -
Fox Theater -
Boulder Theater -
Red Rocks -

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