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Natural Highs Community and School Presentations

Parent Nights/Community Presentations
Several times each semester, we host a Natural Highs Parent/Community Information Night in order to support families in assisting young people with healthy lifestyle options. Parent/Community Nights are open to the Boulder community and we offer presentations in English and Spanish. Peer mentors co-facilitate the Parent/Community Nights and help parents understand how to begin conversations with teens around drugs and alcohol, how to support teens with healthy alternatives, and how to create deeper understanding between adults and teens. We often hear that parents changed the stereotypes they had about teens, and that they were surprised by teens stepping up as leaders in such powerful, articulate ways.

Please sign up for announcements to our Parent/Community Nights on

For Trainings for Schools, Teen Programs, and Professionals please contact: Avani at



Healthy Alternatives to Drugs & Alcohol -

An interactive Conversation

with Parents & Teens

A Panel of Natural Highs Youth Participants

and Avani G. Dilger, LPC, CACIII




Parents & Teens are Welcome


Learn more about:

  • How to start a conversation about drugs & alcohol effectively

  • Brain chemistry basics about drug & alcohol use and recovery

  • How to support your teen with a sober, healthy lifestyle

  • Local resources for teens


More info: Avani Dilger at 303-859-5778   or

Facebook: “Natural Highs Community”  -


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