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Due to Covid-19 we lost 100% of our funding through the City of Boulder's Youth Opportunities Program that we had been funded through for the last 8 years.

We need your support now to continue providing our successful Natural Highs Program to Teens & Adults.

Please become part of our Natural Highs Community of Supporters.

We started a PATREON Page that allows you to choose the right level of Natural Highs Membership for you and your family.

Choose the right level of Natural Highs Community Membership for yourself and your family:

- for $5 you can Sponsor a Monthly AcuDetox Treatment for a TEEN

- for $10 you can support Natural Highs Programs for Teens

- for $25 you can Sponsor the full Natural Highs Membership for a TEEN

- for $100 you can co-sponsor sober Natural Highs events for TEENS

If you are looking for ongoing support and help structuring your day with online materials, like worksheets, exercises, journal prompts, resources, and opportunities for online live meetings during the Corona Pandemic, please sign up here for being part of the Natural Highs SUMMER. FREE for all TEENS & Adults during the Corona Pandemic.




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Donation-based Parent Coaching during Covid-19

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Laura Bressler is a mom of a young adult in recovery. After struggling for nearly 10 years, with numerous treatment approaches, her son found recovery, and is now enrolled in college, pursuing a healthy life. Throughout their harrowing family ordeal, Laura and her husband learned what they could (and couldn’t) do as parents to positively impact their son's recovery. Becoming passionate about helping other families, Laura became a Registered Psychotherapist, a Certified Parent Coach specializing in working with families struggling with substance abuse, and is pursuing her Master's in Addiction Studies in order to become a Licensed Addiction Counselor. She is a Brainspotting Therapist and Acudetox Specialist and serves as a member of the Natural Highs team. She also is trained in the evidence-based, and highly effective Community Resource and Family Treatment program (C.R.A.F.T.), and works with parents in groups and individually on how to be empowered to have an impact on their child’s substance use, repair family connections, and improve their own functioning in the process.

Laura is currently offering telehealth services to parents, for a voluntary donation to Natural Highs.

FREE EXPERT Series on High THC Cannabis

& Substance Abuse in the Teenage Brain

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Resource Page on Marijuana

Current Data, Risks, How to get involved:

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#2 - Avani Dilger: Substance Use, Addiction & Healthy Alternatives to Drugs & Alcohol

Parenting Well Podcast

Nov 24, 2019 • 43:54

I'm Dr. Shelly Mahon, your host, and today’s WELL source is Avani Dilger, MEd, MA, LPC, CACIII.  Avani is the founder and executive director of Natural Highs: Healthy Alternatives to Drug & Alcohol Use. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Addiction Counselor, a Somatic Psychotherapist, and a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT). She specializes in substance abuse treatment with adults, teens-at-risk, and their families.In today’s show, Avani shares her expertise around substance use, addiction, brain science and healthy alternatives for youth. Specifically, we will discuss:Alternative forms of treatment for substance use and addiction, why some people become addicted to substances and others do not. Brain science, Trauma and its relationship with addiction treatments for symptoms of trauma that can lead to addiction. The Icelandic Model & Maintaining a relationship with your kids.

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T.V. Show on high THC risks  mental health fallout

Marijuana Madness Part I with Avani Dilger

26 Oct 2017 · Beyond Risk and Back
Marijuana has gone from being the “Devil’s Weed” to “Harmless” but what is the truth? Is there propaganda on both sides? Is it REALLY addictive? Is it REALLY medicine? Is marijuana harmless? Host Aaron Huey of Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center and Avani Dilger approach it from the middle to try to discover the truth.

Marijuana Information Resource Center:

Natural Highs Resources

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  • Avani G. Dilger  (303) 859-5778


  • Facebook: “Natural Highs Community”

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