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Want to participate and sell your arts & crafts?

Know a young person you want to participate with their art, crafts, and/or music?
Please contact Avani 303.859.5778 (text is best)

FREE Trauma & Mental Health Support for our Boulder Community

 We are providing FREE cutting-edge trauma and mental health support for all teens and adults affected by the trauma in the Boulder Community. A trauma like the Boulder shooting can trigger very intense trauma reactions and can cause severe mental health symptoms. These symptoms, like anxiety, depression, hypervigilance, trouble sleeping or concentrating, are all normal reactions to an intense trauma and can be helped with through community support, guided somatic practices, and AcuDetox. We want to provide all of these supports for all teens and adults who feel affected. Please reach out for support or please bring a friend who needs support. Let us all come closer as a community to get through this tragedy in a way that brings our community closer together, in love and care for each other.
 Stress & Trauma Support
FREE AcuDetox/AcuWellness

for people all ages

A Green Heart by Catrin Welz-Stein (2020

Every Tuesday, 5.30-6.30pm

2691 30th Street, Boulder


(bring mask & water bottle)

Acudetox is a 5-neede acupuncture treatment to the ear that has been used in disasters to help people with trauma, mental health and resilience. It has been very effective in helping people prevent PTSD. It helps with symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, fears, sleep problems, intrusive images, and nightmares after a trauma. AcuDetox is used around the world immediately after disasters to help people find their strength and resilience again. More information & research on AcuDetox www.acudetox.com


More info: Avani Dilger, LPC, CACIII     

 303-859-5778     avani@naropa.edu   www.naturalhighs.org

Please bring the signed consent form or sign it when you are visiting.

FREE Natural Highs
After-School Class for TEENS


Every Tuesday, 4.15-5.30pm

2691 30th Street, Boulder


(bring mask & water bottle)

The class includes cutting-edge brain chemistry, herbs that are truly good for you, creative stress management, healthy alternatives, creative arts, non-judgmental dialogue, mental health support, and inspiration to examine your life. Anyone is welcome - whether you want to examine your relationship with substances or whether you are just looking for inspiration, support and a non-judgmental environment –

You are welcome!


More info: Avani Dilger, LPC, CACIII     

 303-859-5778     avani@naropa.edu   www.naturalhighs.org

Please send the the signed Parent/Guardian Form to


We are looking forward to seeing you Tuesday afternoon!!!!!



Due to Covid-19 we lost 100% of our funding through the City of Boulder's Youth Opportunities Program that we had been funded through for the last 8 years.

We need your support now to continue providing our successful Natural Highs Program to Teens & Adults.

Please become part of our Natural Highs Community of Supporters.

We started a PATREON Page that allows you to choose the right level of Natural Highs Membership for you and your family.

Choose the right level of Natural Highs Community Membership for yourself and your family:

- for $5 you can Sponsor a Monthly AcuDetox Treatment for a TEEN

- for $10 you can support Natural Highs Programs for Teens

- for $25 you can Sponsor the full Natural Highs Membership for a TEEN

- for $100 you can co-sponsor sober Natural Highs events for TEENS

As a FREE Resource for Covid times and to support TEENS & ADULTS with Natural Highs Resources for Resilience, emotional well-being and healthy alternatives we are sending out Natural Highs Resilience Care Packets so everyone can stay focused, positive and inspired during these challenging times.

These "Natural Highs Care Packets" contain worksheets, inspiring videos, Natural Highs practices, and engaging tidbits of Neuroscience that can help make these times productive.


Sign up for our FREE Natural Highs Resiliency Care Packets and updates to current Natural Highs Events & Classes by email:

Start Here to find the right

Natural Highs Resources for YOU!

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During these times of "social distancing" we are offering FREE Online "Hangouts", Workshops, and Classes for TEENS and ways to stay inspired with online materials. 


Our roles have suddenly changed with teens being at home. We want to offer support for PARENTS to stay strong & inspired in their role supporting teens.


During these times it is hard to not fall back into old habits. We are developing resources to help stay on track or begin healthy lifestyle choices and healthy alternatives to substance abuse.

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This is how you can be part of and support Natural Highs so teens and adults with mental health and substance abuse issues can find community and support.

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 Check out all the episodes on our Youtube Channel: 


Check out the Natural Highs Story:

What would it mean to have a positive community of young people who are committed to following their passions, exploring states of consciousness in healthy ways, and experiencing deep human connection in community?

Natural Highs Community is a program working to empower teens in Boulder, Colorado to address substance abuse and mental health issues that is an inspiring example of what works, and what youth really crave. Avani explains, “addiction isn’t just about stopping doing something. It’s also about finding organic and body-centered ways to feel naturally happy.”

Directed by Jared Janus, Produced by Cyrus Sutton, Thank you for your Support!

Natural Highs Merchandise Available!

Our team worked incredibly hard to create merchandise to represent Natural Highs!

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We ask you for your generous support in keeping this program alive in order to provide this essential support for individual teens and also for school communities as a whole, so that a healthy, sober peer culture can thrive. Click the Donate button below for a fast and secure one-time donation and become a supporter of Natural Highs!

With a monthly subscription of $4.99 a month you can support a weekly Natural Highs class with materials that is attended by 20-30 teens. You can unsubscribe at any time. Thank you so much for keeping our grass roots program alive. Click the subscribe the button below for a fast and secure monthly donation to become a patron of Natural Highs!

Watch Natural Highs Peer Mentors win the outstanding Youth Volunteer Award from the City of Boulder in 2016:
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Natural Highs provides healthy alternatives to Marijuana (weed, pot, cannabis), alcohol, and other drugs.