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Samuel Ezk King, Author, Movie maker, YouTuber

Samuel Ezk King. I am a young Author, Movie maker, and a YouTuber. To see my work check out my website

Justin Ferland - Artist, Designer, Photographer

Justin Ferland is an extraordinary artist who dabbles in several creative realms of artistic expression. At age seventeen, Justin has encompassed himself in collectors of his work that tell a detailed story about the nature of art and reality. At age thirteen he picked up a can of spray paint and colored a blank canvas. Not knowing what would become of this moment, Justin fell involve with the realm of painting and for over five years has created a collection of his best works, including some that were sold auction to members in his community. Living in the wild environment of Colorado, Just quickly started to enjoy capturing the natural beauty that surrounded him with a his mothers camera. Over the years his skill and style has developed into him owning his own studio and equipment to use in his masterpieces. In May of 2017, Justin created a clothing line named "Top Class Society." His clothing company wold come to encompass his talent for graphic art work, photography and his interest in fashion. Amongst other creations, Justin's works and creations that are displayed on this site are of his highest quality. This site inhumes those pieces of Justin's artistic story.

Lily McGarey-Artist, Nature Lover, Etsy Entrepreneur

I was inspired by our use of herbal medicine in Natural Highs, which unfortunately, is not always something readily accessible to young people. I love being able to connect with plant medicine that is actually beneficial to our bodies and minds and find that experiencing these plants through art is a natural high! In my online business I sell art prints, notebooks with botanically inspired designs as well as some herbal body care.

Find my shop at and on social media @botanicish. and on social media @botanicish

Naomi Graff - Artist, Activist, Aerial Dancer

Hello! My name is Naomi Graff and I have a desire to change the world -actually, I've had one since age 7. I am going to Nepal in November of 2017 to teach hoop dance to children as a form of therapy. To learn more about that or to contribute, you can visit this page:

Recently I won the Women Who Light the Community Award because of my ability to turn really awful events of my life into ways to create change. Everything that I go through inspires me to turn around and give back to the community. I have an art website and all of the profits go to my Nepal Trip. The art comes from a grieving period of my life--I lost both my dog and my cousin within 10 days of each other and I had no idea how to cope, so I practiced stippling. It became my best coping mechanism. I would listen to music so loud that I couldn't think, and complete piece of art. To buy that art, you can visit this website:

Dakota - Birth Doula

My name is Dakota and I am extremely passionate about my work as a doula! I provide compassionate and non-judgmental doula services including prenatal and postpartum care, unlimited labor and birth support, placenta encapsulation services, information, referrals and advocacy, as well as ceremonial facilitation for the full spectrum of experiences in the childbearing cycle!

I initially trained and certified through DONA International, but am now certified with The Matrona as a Holistic Doula. I also attended midwifery school at The Matrona and did a home-birth midwifery apprenticeship with a CPM. I am currently focusing on my work as a doula, but am also a student midwife that is passionately and forever learning about pregnancy and birth. Lastly, I have also been trained by The Sacred Living Movement to hold Sacred Pregnancy classes and be a Sacred Fertility Doula.

I have attended births from the hot, thick air of Bali, Indonesia with midwives and families that barely spoke English to yurt-births on farms in rural Vermont to hospital births resulting in Cesareans. I have gathered many different tools from many great experiences, teachers and families on my path and I am humbled. I am humbled and ready to serve.

I am currently taking clients and I serve the Boulder County area! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation! I look forward to hearing from you!

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