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“Thank you for your open invite for me to attend your class. 
I was so impressed with the energy in the room, with the easiness with which you run it, and the brilliance of Kyle, your peer mentor. These kids are so lucky to have a place where they can discuss matters that are close to their hearts, buzz their minds, and confuse their lives. And to get to do it in such a wonderful, friendly, intimate, and safe environment is an amazing gift.
Thank you for daring to dream, and execute, such an innovative and successful program!"
Nili Feingold

Director, Juvenile Diversion Program
Boulder County District Attorney's Office



“Thank you for the wonderful presentation that you made to our students last week. I have heard a lot of great feedback from several of our teachers, that because of your presentation, they now had a great tool in communicating with the students about creating positive versus negative ”highways". You have a magical and powerful presence, and I look forward to working with you more.”

Joy Chapman

Teacher and After School Program Coordinator

September School



"It was a great pleasure having Avani and her Peer Leadership students present Natural Highs to my Drugs, Brain, and Behavior class at CU Denver. I was especially impressed with how mature, poised, and articulate these high school kids are. I also greatly appreciated the sacrifices they made in order to give the presentation: getting up at the crack of dawn to haul all of their gear (hot water heaters, tea cups, tea, etc.) on the RTD bus
from Boulder to Denver at 6:30 am—and then walking 20 minutes from the bus stop to the classroom on one of the coldest days of the year. They not only managed it but somehow did it all quite cheerfully! My students were
also very impressed with the presentation, writing me afterwards that it was “meaningful”, ”very nice”, “cool”, “fun”, “interesting”, and “awesome.”

Brad Rikke, PhD

Instructor, CU Denver 

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