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Tuesdays, 4.30-6.30pm

NEW LOCATION: 2639 Spruce Street

Boulder, CO 80302

Come hang out with a community of teens who are experimenting with the smartest ways to feel good without the use of drugs and alcohol. We will explore the desires underneath substance use and addiction of all kinds and look for ways to get to the “real thing”. The class includes cutting-edge brain chemistry, healthy rituals, body-mind practices, non-judgmental dialogue, herbs that are truly good for you, arts, crafts, creative projects, and inspiration to examine your own relationship to substances and addictive behaviors.

Anyone is welcome - whether you feel you have problems with drugs & alcohol, whether you want to examine your relationship with substances, whether you are committed to staying clean or whether you have never touched a substance and are just looking for a supportive environment - you are welcome!

For more information: 
Avani Dilger, LPC, CAS, ADS-RT



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