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Quit Vaping Resources

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Natural Highs - Quit Kits

You can get a Quit Kit that was designed by Teens for Teens for yourself or if you want to support a friend. The Quit Kit contains helpful tools to quit vaping such as flavored tooth picks, a bombilla straw and helpful herbal tea, fidget toys, essential oils infused bracelet, spinner rings, sugar free mints, and resources.

Come and get one at our FREE Natural Highs Class on Tuesdays, 4.30-6.30pm at 2639 Spruce Street in Boulder

Tons of Facts and Resources about Vaping & Quitting


Boulder Public Health Peer Mentor Program:

Contact Amanda Trinh at Boulder County Public Health. She created an awesome peer mentor program where you can get connected with a supportive peer who has experience with quitting and can support you in the quitting process. You can also become a peer mentor if you want to help other teens. Contact Amanda at

Neuroscience of Nicotine Addiction & Vaping & Quitting:

Nicotine’s Effects on the Brain & Body & How to Quit Smoking or Vaping | Huberman Lab Podcast #90 -

Herbs to help Quit Vaping, Nicotine Addiction & THC/Cannabis

Yerba Mate Ritual -  Medicinal effect of Yerba Mate, Gourds & Bombillas & to learn about the amazing power of the Yerba Mate Ritual to build community:

FREE Online Quitting Resources  FREE 5 individual confidential coaching sessions & ongoing text support by National Jewish Health

Colorado Quit Line: FREE Coaching & nicotine replacement & medications by National Jewish Health, App for clinically researched self hypnosis for quitting nicotine

Online Info & Newsletter support for Quitting Vaping -

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