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Welcome to our 17. Day of the Natural Highs Academy!

Let Lady Gaga teach you about Grounding

Hope you found some inspiration and adventure during the Five Senses Exercise yesterday. We did it in a class with teens yesterday and a lot of the participants felt a sense of inspiration and grounding from the experience. It is remarkable that sometimes simple practices can change how we feel in profound ways.

You can probably imagine how tickled I felt when I saw the interview below with Lady Gaga a few days ago. She talks about mental health issues, her own and her activism around how to help bring down stigma around mental health.

My favorite part of the interview is when she talks about helpful interventions like Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) which is a set of skills that help in moments of crisis.

It is my dream for Lady Gaga to teach "Distress Tolerance Skills" on TV.

Check it out from minutes 5:55 to 8:00 on the video below.

I hope you try it out at some point today!

I also want to add a few more skills around feeling more grounded during moments of overwhelm, stress, or anxiety.

There is a lot of information now around helping the nervous system come to a more balanced place.

Have you noticed that going outside into nature, especially taking your shoes off and walking barefoot on the earth can help you calm down?

If you are interested in the science behind GROUNDING our nervous system you can check out the documentary below:

If you want to try grounding yourself you can put it to a test today:

Find a moment when you might feel stressed and do a Body Check in, tracking where and how you feel stress. Then go outside, take your shoes off and walk on the earth (not asphalt) for a few minutes. Then do a Body Check-in after and see if your body feels different. There is a growing movement now where people use walking barefoot for stress management and also as a tool for all kinds of health issues.


- Watch Lady Gaga's interview from minute 5:55 to 8:00 and let her teach you about using the senses as a stress management skill.

- Try it throughout the day and see what happens

- If you want to learn additional Grounding Skills try catching a moment of stress, go outside and walk barefoot on the earth and do a comparison how you feel before and after.

- If you are curious about the science behind grounding feel free to check out the attached documentary "Grounded".

- I am also attaching Nisty's beautiful art piece again that you can print out and use as a coloring page.

- Feel free to share your experiences or art that you made:

Also, feel free to check out the Natural Highs Google CALENDAR with daily Natural Highs activities for TEENS: If you have joined the Natural Highs Academy after March 30, you can find all the previous exercises and worksheets that you might have missed on:  & Materials

Feel free to share any of these resources with anyone - teen or adult - who you think might benefit from daily inspiration and structure during these times. I so look forward to have you be part of the Natural High Want more Natural Highs Resources? Now, everything in the Natural Highs Store is available for FREE with the Coupon: "coronarelief": Community. We can support each other to make the best of these times Stay strong & inspired ❤️ Avani

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