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Welcome to our 4. Day of the Natural Highs Academy!

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Dear friends,

Many of you know that we use a social ritual from South America called "Sharing the Yerba Mate" in Natural Highs. We have learned over the years that it is very challenging for people to give up substance use if it was connected to a social ritual, like getting high with friends or going out for drinks. Our stone-age brain really loves rituals because they give us a sense of safety, predictability and connection. Just think about how we celebrate the most important moments in our lives? Often with unhealthy rituals that involve alcohol or sugar.  It is hard for humans to just give up these habits. We found out that it is much easier to stop unhealthy habits if you create healthy habits instead. The Yerba Mate Ritual uses an herb that is actually very healthy and provides amino acids, which are building blocks for your brain to make its own feel-good chemicals like Dopamine and Serotonin. That's what we call a "smart ritual".  Today we invite you to explore your own habits and rituals so that you can notice how habits and rituals serve you, where they don't serve in the way you want and to inspire you to think about creating conscious rituals that actually support you. I believe that we have so much addiction in our culture because conscious rituals have fallen away, like religious rituals or family traditions. Is it possible that our habits are now substituting for rituals or tradition?  TODAY'S ACTIVITIES: - Check out Today's Worksheet and explore these questions around unconscious habits versus conscious rituals. - Please take this wherever you would like: take a piece of paper and write or draw or collage, or write a poem or a song, ... let your inspiration take you. - Feel free to use the attached "Habit Tracker" to write in the conscious habits you want to practice & nurture during these times: Maybe eating healthier, moving more, being outside,  finding healthy rewards, drinking more water, staying clean & sober, making time for creativity, etc. Feel free to make it as creative as you want with colors, designs, etc. - We welcome you to send your inspiration: artwork, poems, photographs, worksheets, videos, songs, etc. to: The most inspiring creations will be included in our daily emails. - If you are interested in learning more about the medicinal properties of Yerba Mate & the Yerba Mate Ritual: - You can order Yerba Mate Gourd & Bombilla Sets online. If you want our help in getting you a Yerba Mate Kit please let us know: TODAY'S MEETINGS for TEENS:  - Dream Group with TARA Thursday, April 2⋅12:00 – 1:00pm Weekly on Thursday Description:Join Tara and other dream lovers for this weekly DREAM group where you can learn about dreams, how to understand their meaning, and how to use them as a source of inspiration. Get inspired by others and learn about herbs that help creative dreaming.

- Tzuria's Wellness Hour for Teens Thursday, April 2⋅4:00 – 5:00pm Weekly on Thursday Description:Tzuria Malpica, Educator and Herbalist, has been teaching for Natural Highs for the past 10 years and would love to share strategies for mental wellbeing and healthy coping mechanisms. We will explore brain chemistry, methods of relaxation and techniques to support mental health in this challenging time. If you are interested in learning more about Natural Highs, please visit this link. - Yoga with Holly Thursday, April 2⋅7:00 – 8:00pm Weekly on Thursday Description:Come hang out with Holly and get inspired to explore Yoga - anyone is welcome! If you are a total beginner or have done Yoga before. It is not about achieving anything - just connecting with yourself and the present moment. Let yourself be inspired by doing yoga with friends.  Also, feel free to check out the Natural Highs Google CALENDAR with daily Natural Highs activities for TEENS: You can find all the previous exercises and worksheets that you might have missed on: Want more Natural Highs Resources? Now, everything in the Natural Highs Store is available for FREE with the Coupon: "coronarelief":

Feel free to share any of these resources with anyone - teen or adult - who you think might benefit from daily inspiration and structure during these times. I so look forward to have you be part of the Natural Highs Community. We can support each other to make the best of these times Stay strong & inspired ❤️ Avani

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Quanah Nelson
Quanah Nelson
Aug 24, 2023

"Excitingly diving into Day 4 at the Natural Highs Academy! 🌟 With the guidance of counsellor sydney, we're all set to explore new horizons of positivity and personal growth. Let's embrace the journey ahead, discovering the beauty of inner strength and natural highs together. 🌄🌿 #NHA #Empowerment"

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