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Welcome to our 2. Day of the Natural Highs Academy!

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Dear friends,

I hope you had a chance to get your creative Natural Highs WORKBOOK started yesterday!

I hope you started your workbook in a beautiful binder and got creative with coloring, drawing, writing and making it personal to you!

Please take all the materials further and make them interesting and creative for yourself.

More than anything, all the materials we are sending out are really meant for inspiration.

If you ever feel inspired to change it and make your own, please do!


- Today is all about WAKING UP in this crisis situation. You can check out the Worksheet with instructions and then you can get creative. If you would rather do your own page with drawing, please do.

- If you need some inspiration first feel free to check out the TED talk below:

- Please take this wherever you would like to go: go outside and look around and see what you are noticing, take a piece of paper and write or draw, let your inspiration take you into new places

- We welcome you to send your inspiration: artwork, poems, photographs, worksheets, songs, etc. to most inspiring creations will be included in our daily emails.

Feel free to share any of these resources with anyone - teen or adult - who you think might benefit from daily inspiration and structure during these times.

I so look forward to have you be part of the Natural Highs Community.

We can support each other to make the best of these times

Stay strong & inspired ❤️


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Quanah Nelson
Quanah Nelson
Aug 20, 2023

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