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Feelings of loneliness, desire, and longing can be challenging to live with. Our heart wants to be seen and our longing for love and connection wants to be expressed and shared. We often don't see that even challenging feelings like loneliness, longing and desire for love actually show the depth and beauty of our own heart. When these feelings get stuck they can turn into discomfort and can start feeling negative. In this guided somatic practice you will learn how to approach these feelings, allow them space, and let them lead you back to the depth and beauty of your own heart. 

This audio is accompanied by bilaterally engineered music in order to help your nervous system shift into the Parasympathetic State where it is more available to process, be creative, learn, and create new habits in the brain.

For maximum benefit please listen with headphones.

Heart on Asphalt Photo by: Guillaume Lorain

Healing the Lonely Heart

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    Turn Anxiety into your Superpower Audio
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