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Craving is one of the most challenging experiences for humans, especially when trying to quit unhealthy substances or addictive behaviors. There are not a lot of indepth strategies taught in how to deal with craving in the moment in traditional substance abuse treatment. We created a "First Aid Kit" of strategies that help with craving in the acute moment and how to get through it with healthy strategies. You can download these instructions and have them available in a moment of craving so you have an expert substance abuse counselor in your ear coaching you through the acute craving so you can stay on track with your commitment to keep using healthy choices.

You are a hero!

This audio is accompanied by bilaterally engineered music in order to help your nervous system shift into the Parasympathetic State where it is more available to process, be creative, learn, and create new habits in the brain.

For maximum benefit please listen with headphones.

You can also download the attached "First Aid Kit" Coloring & Worksheet that you can personalize for yourself in adding your own favorite Craving strategies.

The Craving First Aid Kit

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