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This guided audio practice is designed for people who work with people, helpers, activists, and frontline workers who work all day supporting others. When you give your heart all day it can be exhausting and it can lead to "empathy fatigue" and burnout. A lot of the burden comes from us feeling the pain and trauma of others and often not having learned tools to clear our nervous system after work. This audio practice is designed to help you let go of stress and tension after work, protect your empathy, and return your energy to yourself. There are powerful practices that can prevent burnout and secondary/vicarious trauma and with this audio you can have it on your phone or computer at your fingertips.

This audio is accompanied by bilaterally engineered music in order to help your nervous system shift into the Parasympathetic State where it is more available to process, be creative, learn, and create new habits in the brain. For maximum benefit please listen with headphones.

We want to support all frontline workers, Black Lives Matter activists, helpers, and anyone serving others in the world right now and make this audio available to you for FREE. Please use the Promo Code/Coupon "frontlineworker" to get 100% discount. Please share it with any frontline worker, activist, or anyone who serves others.

Thank you. We are the village.

Preventing Burn Out for Helpers, Frontline Workers & Activists

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$5.00Sale Price
    Turn Anxiety into your Superpower Audio
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